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World Anaesthesia Day celebrated at JP Hospital

JP Hospital Rourkela celebrated World Anaesthesia Day on 16th October 2023 in its Dhanavantari Seminar Hall. JP Anaesthesia Department organised and arranged the program in association with JP Digital Communication and T&D Department. This year’s theme for World Anaesthesia Day is “Anaesthesia and Cancer Care”. The objective of this event was to raise awareness among people regarding the crucial role anesthesiologists play in healthcare and the importance of an integrated, planned, and personalized approach to patient care before, during and after any surgical procedure involving anaesthesia.

JP Surgeons, Consultants & DNB Students

This event was attended by Dr. D. K. Mishra CEO of JP Hospitals, Dr. S. K. Mahapatra Deputy Medical Superintendent, Dr. Biswajit Mohapatra OT Superintendent, the JP Anesthesiologist Team along with all the Surgeons, Consultants, Intensivists of Jaiprakash Hospitals, DNB Students and Clinical Technicians.

JP Anaesthesiology Team

A Felicitation ceremony was held to honour the Anaesthesia Department on this World Anaesthesia Day 2023 to appreciate their contribution including Dr Sashmita Padhy, Dr Samarajni Ganguly, Dr Lenin Elisa Xess and DNB doctors like Dr. Gajulapalli Siri Chandana, Dr. Chinmayee Sathpathy, Dr. Shad Mohammed and, Dr. Sanket Swarup Panigrahi. The felicitation was done by CEO Dr D. K. Mishra & Dr S K Mahapatra. A cake-cutting ceremony was also held to mark World Anaesthesia Day 2023.

Felicitation Ceremony

Dr. Samrajini Ganguly JP Cardiac Anesthesiologist congratulated all the current and future anesthesiologists for contributing their time and life for such a great job, she laid importance on the job of anesthesiologists by saying that in the past, when surgeries used to happen the patients used to die often during surgery due to the unbearable pain or blood loss due to the absence of anaesthesia. Hence it was almost said that surgeries are like death sentences for the patients. Dr. Lenin Elisa Xess JP Anesthesiologist said that anaesthesia plays a pivotal role in the healthcare sector for ensuring patient’s safety and comfort during surgery. Imagining a world without anesthesiologists is quite impossible today when it comes to surgery. During surgery, the anaesthetist creates a conducive environment for the surgeon to work on and keep the patient safe and to work on the procedure successfully.


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