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A 103-Year-Old Lady Starts Walking Again. Thanks JP Hospital

JP Hospitals, Rourkela has been doing many different types of  surgeries through their specialist & experienced team in their one-of-its-kind modular OT facilities. Within 2 years of operation JP Hospital has become a most sought after destination for all types of surgeries related to Orthopedics, Cardio & CTVS, General Surgeries, Neuro , Plastic, Urology, Obs & Gynae etc., with very high success rate.

Recently an old lady of 103 years old  from Sundergarh came to JP Hospitals, Rourkela with a fractured hip bone on back part of thigh, with extreme pain and was admitted under Dr S K Mahapatra  JP Senior Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon for treatment. As per her grandson, she fell at night from her bed and fractured her back bone.

Dr S K Mahapatra says “ this was perhaps one of the most challenging case because of age factor of this patient and required utmost caution but it was also exciting for me to get a chance to operate a 100 years + old Mata Ji, which does not happen always and I took up this challenge wholeheartedly”.

The good thing thing was that this patient was totally ambulatory, before this fracture, and used to do all her work including climbing up the staircase also. But after a person crosses 80 years, they can have fitness issues as well. So this case was indeed very challenging.

To start with Dr Mahapatra set up a team of specialist comprising of a Cardiologist , Physician, Anesthetist, ICU Specialist etc for supportive care option, post operation. Her conditions was thoroughly  discussed & evaluated and it was decided to go for the surgery. After getting the necessary consent from her family members, this century old patient was operated upon by Dr S K Mahapatra. Post operation the patient’s pain has subsided to great extent and can sit on bed at present. After a week patient will be called for a follow-up check up & may be in two weeks or so her stitches & bandage can be removed. Post this a decision will be taken for making her more ambulatory and movement.

The grandson of patient has extended his heart full thanks to JP Hospitals saying “ the success of this surgery on her grandmother reflects the success rate of JP Hospital and we are very grateful for this”

This again demonstrate the emergency utility of JP Hospitals as a 24X7 destination for any emergency & critical condition, without having to travel long distances for treatment.

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