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Heaviest baby of the decade born in Odisha at JP Hospital

The Obstetrics & Gynecology dept. along with the Pediatrics & Neonatology divisions at JP Hospital, Rourkela, are tirelessly serving for favorable and good outcome of patients in need for emergency and elective deliveries and newborn care.

On 23rd January 2024 exactly at 11:11pm a woman delivered a baby boy weighing 5.19kgs. As per doctors, the mother (resident of Sundergarh area) had crossed her due date, and with a very high BP (230/120) and water leakage complications was referred to the Gynaecology dept. of JP hospital. After discussion with Sr. Consultant Gynecologist Dr. Piyush Bansal, the patient was taken to OT for emergency caesarean delivery.

The expert guidance of the gynaecologist completely ensured that the baby and mother were fine during the delivery and they neither had any major complications nor any injuries suffered due to the overly large size of the baby.  The mother was then kept under observation due to her high BP condition and the child was under observation of Dr. Nishu Bansal, Sr. Consultant, Pediatrics dept, JP hospital, who performed a complete work up for the ‘large for date’ baby. The baby came out to be non-diabetic and very healthy. So this is probably the heaviest non-diabetic baby born in the eastern region of India

The couple had been blessed with three lovely children previously, two being daughters and one son, this one being their fourth child. The treatment was covered cashlessly under BSKY Card scheme. The family is very happy with the services offered at JP Hospital and passed on their heartfelt thanks to Dr. Piyush Bansal, Dr. Nishu Bansal, management of JP hospital, Rourkela and Shri Navin Patanaik.

Both the mother and baby were discharged in healthy condition.

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