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Car accident patient with multiple fractures & life-threatening blood clot given new lease of life

JP Hospital Rourkela has been treating many road accident cases successfully and is a lifeline for many such cases. Recently a lady from the Garposh area, met with a serious car accident resulting in multiple fractures and blood clots. She chose JP Hospital, Rourkela for her treatment because of the availability of specialist consultants & better facilities than other hospitals in the region.

She was admitted under Dr. S K Mahapatra, Sr.Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon of JP Hospital. This 51-year-old lady, who is a  teacher by profession, had her collarbone broken into three pieces, five of her ribs were broken too along with her scapula or shoulder blade, which is a large triangular-shaped bone that lies in the upper back. Further investigations revealed that the patient also had a blood clot, which required immediate attention. JP CTVS Surgeon Dr. Sameer Kumar Panigrahy decided to drain out this blood clot in veins, using a surgical drainage tube.

Subsequently, the collar bones, scapula & ribs were operated upon and fixed by Dr. S K Mahapatra in JP modular OT set-up giving a huge sigh of relief to the patient who was completely traumatized and thought she will be disabled for entire life.

Post-surgery this patient was given multiple physiotherapy sessions by JP Specialist Physiotherapy Consultant Dr.Satyabrata Jena. This helped the patient immensely in faster recovery and movement of her limbs. Two of her fingers, due to this accident, had become totally senseless.

The patient is now discharged and is very thankful to JP Doctors, Nursing & Other staff for giving her a new life. She was also pleasantly surprised that such a quality treatment with all facilities is available in the region at JP Hospital without any need to travel outside for treatment.

At JP Hospital besides cashless treatment for BSKY Smart Card Holder, TPA, and insurance patients, treatment for ESI registered patients are also available. This hospital is also a NABH accredited healthcare service provider.

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