Ankylosing spondylitis issue of young male patient successfully treated by JP Ortho Specialist

Source: Weill Cornell Medicine Neurological Surgery

Orthopedics dept of JP Hospital, Rourkela, provides various medical treatments related to disorders of bone, joint and a variety of musculoskeletal disorders. The consultants are proficient enough to perform advanced treatment procedures successfully and the dept. specializes in treating deformities, fractures, sports injuries, chronic back & joint pain, arthritis and osteoporosis and many more.  

Recently a 38yr old male patient was admitted at JP Hospital, Rourkela under the observation of Dr. Santosh Kumar Mohapatra, Sr. Consultant, JP Orthopedics dept. The patient complained of long medical history of joints pain due to which he was helpless in performing even his daily small activities. He complained of stiffness specially in his right hip and neck and pain all across the body. This made the young male depressed and disheartened day-by-day. The wife, an employee of JP Hospital itself, had to struggle a lot to keep up her husband’s morale and keep her family tied up during these challenging years all alone.  

The Sr. consultant Dr. Santosh Kumar Mohapatra had to say that the patient was suffering from Ankylosing spondylitis. It’s a type of arthritis that causes inflammation in the joints and ligaments of the spine. Normally, the joints and ligaments in the spine help us move and bend and if one has ankylosing spondylitis, the inflammation in the joints and tissues of the spine can cause stiffness, like the situation of this patient. Looking at the case Dr. Santosh Kumar Mohapatra decided for a total hip replacements (THR). THR is one of the most successful and cost-effective of surgical procedures with the primary goals of pain relief and restoration of function

The patient recovery process was visible within a week’s time hence the patient was discharged with required essential steps to be followed and routine check-up at the OPD unit of the hospital.

At the time of discharge the patient and his wife thanked Dr. Santosh Kumar Mohapatra to their fullest who not only revived and gave a new normal life to the patient but also brought immense joy and satisfaction his wife too. The patient being the father of a young child, is able to do his basic daily chores all by himself, is able to carry his child in his arms and play with him for which he will be thankful to the doctor and hospital all his life.

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