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Patient with defective & damaged heart valves given a new life

A 37 years old female and a mother of 2 small kids, who was suffering from breathing difficulties since last two years, came to JP Hospital , due to her worsening situation, for treatment. Prior to coming here, she had consulted a doctor of Rourkela , who had advised her for surgery.

  • The 37 years old female from Rourkela had respiratory difficulties for the last 2 years.
  • Out of four valves, one valve had become narrow & another valve was leaking.
  • The patient, with small kids, had given up all hope of surviving, due to her weak financial conditions.
  • BSKY Health Card enabled this financially weak patient to undergo surgery without any financial burden.

Heart diseases have become the most common ailments in India. Cardiovascular Diseases (CVDs) cause around 25% of deaths in the country. However, if symptoms are diagnosed early, heart diseases can be cured and prevented to a large extent. The treatment of any heart-related disease requires a well-equipped cardiac center with round-the-clock availability of emergency services. Thanks to the existence of Jaiprakash Hospitals, Rourkela, now people of this region and nearby states can avail services of a world-class JP Cardiac Science Department with all modern facilities and availability of specialist & experienced cardiologists & cardiac surgeons.

Very recently a 37 years old female and a mother of 2 small kids, who was suffering from breathing difficulties for the last two years, came to JP Hospital, due to her worsening situation, for treatment. Prior to coming here, she had consulted a doctor of Rourkela, who had advised her for surgery. However since her economic conditions are not good, she could not afford surgery at that time and she continued her treatment on oral medicine. However one day her situation worsened and fell down in the bathroom, with severe breathing trouble. She was advised by friends & relatives to visit JP Hospital and see Dr. Trilochan Agarwala, JP Cardiologist. Further, the BSKY Smart Health Card gave her hope of getting free treatment for her long-standing heart problems. She badly wanted to get well and see her small kids, who were waiting at home for their mother to come back.

Dr.Trilochan Agarwala immediately conducted an ECHO test on the patient and it was diagnosed that out of four heart valves, one valve was leaking and another valve had narrowed down, resulting in severe breathing problems. In clinical terms, the patient was suffering from severe  Mitral valve stenosis (sometimes called mitral stenosis), which is a disease caused by narrowing or blockage of the mitral valve inside your heart, and Tricuspid valve regurgitation, which is a type of heart valve disease in which the valve between the two right heart chambers (right ventricle and right atrium) doesn’t close properly. As a result, blood leaks backward into the upper right chamber (right atrium).

This case was immediately referred to JP CTVS Surgeon Team of Dr.Javid V Sadique & Dr.Sathish Kumar, who after thorough analysis decided to replace the defective valve with a mechanical valve and repaired the leaking valve with surgery. The surgery was a successful one giving new life to the patient.

The most important point to note was that the patient was ready for discharge on the 4th postoperative day and had started walking, without any problems or any breathing difficulties. Dr. Sathish Kumar says “ normally there is a myth that after any cardiac surgery, it takes around 2-3 weeks and even months to recover and resume normal activities but nowadays with the recent techniques & advancement, for whatever surgery is done whether its bypass or valve replacement surgery, the patient is getting discharged on 4th days and even on 3rd days depending on the age and condition of patients. This also encourages us and makes us happy to see the fast patient recovery”. The patient has been discharged and is doing absolutely fine.

The patient could not hold her tears back at the time of discharge thanking profusely the JP Cardiac Team, who gave her a new life when she has lost all hope and the joy of going back to her waiting kids could be seen in her eyes. This can be the greatest reward for any healthcare provider.

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