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Pacemaker replacement surgery done in 78 years male by JP Cardiologist

JP Cardiac Science Department Rourkela has been saving many critical cardiac patients’ lives due to the availability of specialist cardiac consultants all the time and the presence of the first fully equipped Cath-lab in the region. Now even those patients who have been taking treatment in bigger cities like Noida, Bhubaneswar, Kolkata, etc are now preferring JP Hospital Rourkela for their cardiac treatment. This not only saves precious time for them but also the expenses of treatment there. Recently a 78 years old male patient from the Panposh area of Rourkela came to JP Hospital for his pacemaker replacement surgery for a pacemaker that was implanted in 2011.

Pacemaker working image

Pacemaker replacement surgery also known as Pulse Generator Replacement is a surgery to put a new heart device in your chest. The battery in your new device is fully charged. Most pacemaker batteries last for 6 to 10 years. After this, you may need to have the batteries changed.

1st Cath-lab of Western Odisha at JP Hospital Rourkela

This patient was admitted under Dr.R Pradeep Kumar HOD & Senior Consultant Cardiologist of JP Cardiac Science Department. The earlier pacemaker was implanted in a reputed hospital in Noida. However, after seeing the facilities, infrastructures, and, availability of good doctors, the patient and his family members decided not to go to Noida and chose JP Hospital, Rourkela.

Dr. R Pradeep Kumar, Senior Interventional Cardiologist at JP Hospital Rourkela

After all the initial assessments and clinical investigations, Pulse Generator Replacement was done on this patient by Dr. R Pradeep Kumar under local anesthesia. The post-procedure phase was normal and this patient was discharged on the third day after dressing of the wound under stable condition. The patient has been advised 1600kcal a low-fat diabetic diet as this patient has Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus also.

The patient’s son opined “On a scale of ten we will give eleven, extra 1 point to JP Nursing Staffs as personal care provided by them really motivated my dad, who is very happy with the behavior of Dr. R Pradeep Kumar and other JP staff. Thank god we chose JP Hospital where all facilities are so good and the compassionate care we got is comparable to the best in the healthcare industry”

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