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Woman suffering from a burst spinal fracture after falling from a mango tree treated by JP Neurosurgeon

JP Neuroscience Department has become a lifeline for persons suffering from Neuro & Spine related problems with the availability of specialist doctors & well-equipped facilities to treat any emergency cases like brain stroke, accidental trauma, etc. Recently a 35 years old lady from the Rajgangpur area came to JP Emergency Department with a fractured spine and was unable to move or walk with acute pain. The patient was in total shock & trauma condition. She thought she will not survive or will be disabled for her entire life.

The patient

This patient was admitted under Dr.Susanta Kumar Patro JP Consultant Neuro Surgeon.
After initial assessment & clinical investigations, this patient was diagnosed as suffering from traumatic lumbar spinal injury with burst fracture (breaks or cracks in the vertebrae) and partial paralysis of lower limbs (Paraparesis). This patient had fallen down from a mango tree of height 10-15 feet. The patient was first taken to District Headquarters Hospital in Sundergarh. After primary treatment, this patient was referred to JP Hospital due to its better facilities.

Dr.Susanta Kumar Patro

Dr. Susanta Kumar Patro on further examination found severe tenderness in the lower back of the patient with reduced strength in both lower limbs. Medical advice and consultations were also sought from a team of other doctors including Dr. Arun Kumar Sahu, Dr. Prabir Kumar Roy, Dr.Sipun Dash (all from Critical Care), Dr.Trilochan Agarwala (Cardiac Science), and, Dr. R N Mohapatra (Neuroscience). After all preoperative investigations, the patient underwent spine stabilization surgery for the fractured lumber spine – which allows more stability. The patient was shifted to ICU for further clinical management & treatment with supportive medications, Neuroprotective drugs, etc.

(From left) Dr.Prabir Kumar Roy, Dr. R N Mohapatra, Dr.Arun Kumar Sahu, Dr.Sipun Dash, and Dr.Trilochan Agarwala

Gradually patient started showing clinical improvement and started walking without support. Pain also decreased with improvement in the strength of her lower limbs. The patient was finally discharged after almost two weeks of intense treatment & care from the JP team, under conscious, stable, and, ambulatory conditions. The patient and her family members were very thankful and obliged to the JP medical team and the patient said “We had lost all hope but thanks to Dr. Susanta Sir, doctors, nurses, and the entire JP Hospital team for giving me a new life” with uncontrollable tears rolling down her face.

Dr. Susanta Kumar Patro concluded “This patient came in stretcher unable to move or walk but walked on her own feet at the time of discharge. This is the highest reward that we doctors at JP Hospital are proud of”

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