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World Diabetes Day celebrated at JP Hospital

Jaiprakash Hospital, Rourkela celebrated World Diabetes Day on 14th November 2023. This year’s theme is “Access to diabetes care”. This theme highlights the importance of having equal access to the right information and essential care to ensure timely treatment and management. The event started with the inaugural speech by Dr. D. K. Mishra the CEO of JP Hospital who stressed the importance of a healthy diet, exercise and stress-free living for a diabetic person.

CEO Dr D K Mishra

Dr. Trilochan Agarwala Consultant Interventional Cardiologist said that diabetic management for a cardiac patient is very important as high blood sugar can damage blood vessels and the nerves that control the heart. People with diabetes are also more likely to have other conditions that raise the risk for heart disease as high blood pressure increases the force of blood through the arteries and can damage artery walls.

Dr Trilochan Agarwala

Dr Kuldeep Sharma from the Dept. of Dermatology laid importance on foot care for a diabetic patient and said one has to make sure that one cleans the foot every time after returning home and use a moisturizer/cream in foot areas if possible.

Dr Kuldeep Sharma

Dr. Namita Sahu, Dept. of Neonatology explained how diabetes has started prevailing among neonates as new as 1-28 days due to which the specialist has to study the genetic history at times to understand and treat the infant.

Dr Namita Sahu

Dr. Nishu Bansal from Dept. of Pediatrics explained how children are affected by this disease at an early age and what preventions and precautions can be taken for their healthy lives. She also said that Type-1 diabetes should be considered as a soul-mate by the patient as he/she has to live with it for the entire life and has to be handled very tactfully and it’s not only about insulin management.

Dr Nishu Bansal

Dr Debasish Patnaik, the Medical Supt of JP Hospital, and a diabetic person himself said how harmful diabetes can be for an obese person and one has to take control over his/her obesity to maintain a healthy life with diabetes. If routine is correctly followed as advised any person can manage to handle a healthy life with diabetes.

Dr Debasish Patnaik

Dr. Chandan Bansal Managing Director and Senior Consultant Diabetics & Medicine revealed that the conceptualization of this Jaiprakash Hospital took place initially when his father, after whom this Jaiprakash Hospital is named, succumbed to diabetes-related illness and this inspired him to become a doctor, too for diabetes. He said that a diabetic person should avoid fruits with higher sugar content and should always opt for food with a low glycemic index. He further concluded that he has been diabetic since a young age, and has been able to control diabetes with some changes in lifestyle, food habits and, physical exercises on a regular basis.

Dr Chandan Bansal

This event was attended among others by CEO Dr D.K. Mishra, Dr Chandan Bansal, Dr Debasish Patanaik, Dr Trilochan Agarwala, Dr Kuldeep Sharma, Dr Nishu Bansal, Dr Arun Kumar Sahu and Dr Namita Sahu. The other attendees were DNB trainees, Dr Shubham Agrawal, Dr Ashafaq Khan, Dr Darshan T.S., and Asst. COO’s Moushumi Patanaik and Sanjeev Patanaik, Deputy Nursing Supt. Sasmita Pradhan, the Nursing team and, other heads of the departments and incharges.

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