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The patient gets back his vision after 6 years, and treatment was done by JP Eye Specialist

Vision loss is one of the most undesirable medical conditions for a patient. But thanks to modern medical advancement and the availability of specialist doctors & proper medical facilities, many of these medical conditions can be treated at JP Hospital, Rourkela. In a similar type of case, a 55 years old patient from the Rajgangpur area was not able seen for the last six years.

This patient, who was admitted under Dr. Arun Kumar Panigrahi Cornea & Anterior Segment Specialist of JP Hospital, complained of vision loss in his left eye. Before coming to JP Hospital, this patient had visited other hospitals for treatment but could not get his vision back. Finally, after hearing about JP Ophthal Department & its superior facilities from his family & friends, this patient decided to come here for treatment under BSKY. After the initial assessment, Dr. Arun first treated the patient for hypertension which can cause damage to the blood vessels in the retina, the area at the back of the eye where images focus. After almost 10 days of observation, when the patient became stable, phaco with foldable IOL was performed by Dr. Arun. In phacoemulsification, ultrasound power is used to break the hard cataract into minute pieces, which are then sucked out through a small incision. A foldable lens (IOL) of the required power is then implanted.

Finally, after two days when the eye bandage was being removed, the patient & his family waited with fear as well as excitement. Can the patient see this world again? Yes, the bandage was removed and the patient indeed could see a lot of tears of joy coming out. Everyone was crying. The patient could not believe that he can see again. The patient and their family profusely extended their thanks & greetings to the treating doctor, the JP management, Odisha Govt for the BSKY card which made his treatment free and his friends who helped him.

The patient got discharged and a discharge ceremony was also organized by JP Hospital for this patient, where he shared his experience with his treatment. This discharge ceremony was attended by top management of JP Hospital, the treating doctor and many distinguished personalities from various social and administrative organizations like Dr. Chandan Bansal Managing Director, Dr. D K Mishra CEO, Dr. Arun Kumar Panigrahi, Mr. Suresh Sharma Coordinator JP Eye Checkup Camp, Mr. Gagan Panda Nagar Nigam Adhakhyalaya Rajgangpur, Mr.Gurinder Singh BJP State Vice President Minority Morcha,
Mr.Jasbinder Singh Goldie BJD Vice President Minority Morcha, Md. Irfan Vice Chairman Rajgangpur Municipality, Md Kalam, Md.Salim, Md Irshad from Rajgangpur among others.

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