Spirituality & Compassionate State of Mind

We live in human society on a single planet. As such we need to learn to work together. In a world devoid of compassion, the only way we can work together is through the enforcement of external agencies – police, armies, laws, and weapons to back them up.

Look on Everyone You See With an Open Loving Heart.

However, if we could learn to develop loving-kindness & compassion towards one another – a spontaneous understanding that whatever we do to benefit ourselves must benefit others and vice versa- we wouldn’t need laws or armies, police, guns, or bombs. In other words, the best form of security we can offer ourselves is to develop an open heart and a compassionate state of mind which can be developed by following the path of spirituality – a sense of realization that there is something which is greater than oneself and learn to coexist with other things around rather than being biased and judgemental towards these things.

This is how we can make this world a better place to live & coexist with others in harmony & peace.

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