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Protruding Abdominal Hernia Treated Successfully in Rourkela

There are many types of diseases that many hospitals in this region are unable to treat or handle properly due to the lack of specialist consultants or facilities to treat such diseases. However JP Hospitals, Rourkela has all the required facilities & availability of specialist consultants to handle these cases like bypass surgery; open-heart surgery; unusual protruding abdominal hernia surgery, acute burn cases, etc.

JP Hospital recently handled a case where a lady had an abdominal hernia protruding from her stomach for the last two years. At that time doctors had advised her to go for treatment post her pregnancy stage. However, due to financial constraints, the patient was unable to go for treatment earlier. After the patient got BSKY Smart Health Card from Odisha Govt, her family decided to go ahead with the treatment under BSKY. They visited multiple hospitals in Rourkela but these hospitals were not able to take up her treatment and finally, they were referred to better equipped JP Hospitals, Rourkela.

When this 36-year-old patient from Sundergarh arrived, she had umbilical swelling which was getting progressively enlarged for the last 2-3 years. Further, the patient was grossly obese and off-late there was bluish discoloration over the skin on the swelling due to pain. The patient was admitted under veteran Consultant Surgeon Dr.Debasish Patnaik. After initial assessment & clinical investigation through CT Scan, it was found that a part of the large intestine was stuck in the hernia. The patient was advised of immediate surgery, which was done by Dr.Debasish Patnaik.

A special large mesh was used of size 20×20 mm to perform the surgery. Although this was a routine surgery but with high risk. Surgery continued for approx 6 hrs.4 holes were done of 2×10 n 2×5 mm for this surgery. The patient recovered after day 1 post-surgery and was offered a liquid diet. On day 3 patient was discharged and now doing well & has resumed normal life activities. The treatment was done on a cashless basis under BSKY for which JP Hospitals is empanelled. In fact, JP Hospitals is also empanelled for ESI , Matrujyoti , FTTF ( the only hospital in Western Odisha to be empanelled for providing up-to 48hrs Free Treatment for  Road Traffic Accident – RTA- Victims) along with tie-up with all major health insurance service provider for providing cashless treatment to the patient as per their policy guidelines.

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