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Premature Baby Given a New Life at JP Hospital

This is the story of Mrs. Kajal Devi Rajak and her complicated preterm delivery. Mrs. Rajak! who in spite of being COVID +ve, became a mother beating all the odds. During her pregnancy, the couple (Mr. Santosh Kumar Rajak & Mrs. Kajal Devi Rajak) went to every possible hospital in Rourkela but no hospital admitted her. They were denied treatment because she was COVID +ve and none of the hospitals were well-equipped to deal with this delicate situation. She was in a lot of pain & we believe the level of agony was something she never wanted to go through again. One hospital admitted her and started treating but as soon as they knew about her being covid +ve, they referred the couple to JP Hospital.

At first, the couple was hesitant to come to JP Hospital because many of their friends and relatives gave negative impressions of the hospital but following a doctor’s advice, they came to JP Hospital for the treatment.

As soon as they entered the hospital, a specialist team was already notified and started the treatment procedures. The couple was shocked by the quick approach in the emergency ward. By the time they arranged the papers, the soon-to-be mother was already taken to the labour ward wasting no time. Within an hour the mother delivered the baby normally. But as the baby was premature (7months), the child was admitted to NICU for one month.

The Preterm Baby
Dr. Debendra Sha

The mother, Mrs. Kajal Devi Rajak said “Dr. Debendra Sha, who was the treating doctor handled the baby so well it seemed the like he was treating his own baby. Diptimayee Senapati who was the sister in charge was very helpful and provided every bit of help possible to us during these 30 days. Even the security staff were also cooperative throughout the month. We were very stressed but kept patience and finally got good results. What we experienced at JP Hospital was completely opposite to what we’ve heard. Because of JP Hospital and the doctor we got our baby healthy. We can’t ever repay this debt.” The father Mr. Santosh Kumar Rajak said “As a teacher, I say true facts and I experienced it myself and I can proudly say that JP is a very good hospital and the service is exceptionally well. If anyone says something bad about this Hospital let them talk to me.”

Mrs. Kajal Devi Rajak & Mr. Santosh Kumar Rajak with Dr. Debendra Sha
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