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Now a days there are many artificial medical equipments, devices and machines used to replace human body parts to make that parts functional for performing day-to-day activities like dentures, teeth, artificial limbs, pacemakers etc. However, sometimes these parts get dislocated accidentally or otherwise, resulting in a lot of discomfort and complication for patients and can even become life-threatening.

In a similar sort case, a 70 years old female patient from Sundergarh came to JP Hospital, Rourkela with severe pain in her throat and was unable to eat and drink. She gave a history of accidental ingestion of dentures while drinking water, which got stuck inside the throat causing immense pain, nausea & discomfort. JP Senior ENT Specialist Dr. Ankita Joshi, after initial assessment (X-ray of neck & chest), diagnosed the patient as a case of FB Oesophagus – accidental ingestion of a foreign body. The oesophagus is the tube that carries food from your mouth to your stomach.

Seeing the condition of the patient, Dr.Ankita Joshi planned for the emergency removal of the foreign body through a rigid oesophagoscopy. A rigid oesophagoscopy involves inserting a stiff, inflexible tube by hand through your mouth into your oesophagus. The tube usually includes an eyepiece, a light, and several lenses to allow your doctor to see inside your throat. Oesophagoscopy is the only appropriate removal technique for multiple or large oesophageal FBs (foreign bodies).

Finally, the procedure was successful full and the denture was removed giving relief to this lady, who responded very well to the treatment of Dr. Ankita Joshi. The patient was discharged on the third day itself, in stable condition. Dr.Ankita Joshi says “ In case of any accidental ingestion of foreign bodies, one should not panic and should immediately seek medical advice from nearby doctors ”. For any ENT & emergency problems, JP Consultants are available around the clock.

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