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Patient Declared Almost Dead At Other Hospital Completely Cured At JP Hospital

There is a saying that if a person is destined to live, he or she will live, no matter how sick they are if timely and precise treatment is provided. Even there have been instances when a patient has been clinically declared dead but has bounced back to life. In somewhat similar cases, a patient was brought to JP Hospital in almost dead condition. But with the sincere effort from JP Cardiac Consultant & CTVS Surgeon, this 66-year-plus lady was fully brought back to life.

A gasping patient, suffering from acute chest problem, aged about 66 years, from Tilkanagar area, was brought to JP Hospital by his son. Before coming to JP Hospital, the patient was taken to some other hospital with a complaint of severe chest problem and was there for 3-4 days. During these 4 days, the patient suffered 3 heart attacks there and finally, she was declared dead on the 22nd night. However in a surprising happening, after 7 minutes of being declared dead, the security guard of that hospital noticed some movement in the patient and informed the son that his mother is breathing slowly. Further on hearing that JP Hospital has an excellent Cardiac Science Department, the patient was rushed to JP Hospital in a last ditched effort to save her precious life.

The initial assessment was done by Dr. Trilochan Agarwala JP Interventional Cardiologist, who after clinical investigations, advised the patient to be put under further treatment by Dr. Javid V Sadique JP Senior CTVS Surgeon as the patient’s heart condition required immediate surgical intervention. The patient’s clinical investigation’s findings revealed TV CAD ( Three-Vessel Coronary Artery Disease), Acute Coronary Syndrome; Anterior Wall Myocardial Infraction, Recurrent VT (Ventricular tachycardia) 

– a heart rhythm problem (arrhythmia) caused by irregular electrical signals in the chambers of the heart) etc.

The family members of this patient imposed complete faith on JP Doctors & Surgeon Team led by Dr Javid V Sadique ( 25 years + experience). Finally, the required surgeries were done and gradually the patient started responding to the treatment. After 9-10 days of continuous & thorough observations, the patient was discharged in a comparatively stable condition with proper medical advice to be followed post-discharge.

The JP Cardiac Science Department has been performing many life-saving surgeries. It has one of the best teams along with world-class infrastructural & modern tools & equipment support. Now almost any type of cardiac ailment can be successfully handled by this JP Team. Any emergency cardiac surgery can be done here, at any point in time and all necessary backup facilities like 24X7 blood, valves, stents, medicines etc can be made in-house only. Doctors are available on a round-the-clock basis.

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