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Paralysis patient starts walking after treatment by  JP Physiotherapist

Happy Patient at JP Neuro-Physiotherapy Department

“ If a patient follows the physiotherapy session religiously, there is no reason why he or she will not be benefited. We at JP Hospital have successfully treated many patients including cardiac, ortho, and neuro cases without the use of any oral medications” – Dr.Satyabrata Jena

Physiotherapy is playing a very critical role in the faster recovery of patients having ortho, cardiac, neuro, etc. related ailments. There have even been instances where physiotherapy has proved to be more effective in treating a patient compared to other modes of treatment. A patient came to JP Hospital, Rourkela, suffering from paralysis and was bedridden.

Dr.Satyabrata Jena HOD & Senior Consultant JP Neuro-Physiotherapy Department

Before coming to JP Hospital, this 47-year-old male patient from the Dandiapali area of Rourkela was suffering from brain tuberculosis for the last three months and had also developed paralysis. He visited hospitals in Bhubaneswar for treatment but nothing happened and doctors advised him to go for physiotherapy so he chose to come to JP Hospital, Rourkela. This patient who was treated by Dr.Satyabrata Jena H.O.D & Senior Consultant JP Neuro-Physiotherapy Department was of the view that this patient has some spinal cord problem and advised MRI investigation. This investigation revealed swelling in the spinal cord, indicative of transverse myelitis. The symptoms of transverse myelitis can include muscle weakness in the legs, and mobility problems, among others.

Happy Patient @ JP Neuro-Physiotherapy Department In course of Treatment

Dr.Jena assured the patient that within a month he should be able to walk. For his treatment, Dr.Jena created a treatment protocol comprising of a neurodynamics approach, Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) – advanced level of flexibility training, spine adjustment, various stimulation techniques, etc along with neuro manual therapy.

The treatment started and a vigorous session personally handled & monitored by Dr.Jena & his team, gradually started showing results, and within a fortnight only the patient showed a remarkable improvement and was able to walk on his own. Soon he also started driving a two-wheeler. The patient was discharged with a set of physiotherapy steps to be followed to generate further strength.

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