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Obstetrics; Gynaecology & IVF – Infertility department of JP Hospitals, Rourkela is one of the best & well-equipped departments in the region. This department has been handling many complex & high-risk pregnancy cases with remarkable success rates, thereby giving joy of motherhood to many women.

Recently in a similar pregnancy case, a 26 years old female from the Rajgangpur area came to JP Hospital and met Dr. Sujata Kumari JP Consultant Obstetrician, Gynaecologist and IVF & Infertility Specialist, who after requisite investigations found that the amniotic sac (surrounds and protects the baby in the uterus and provides a protective barrier from the outside environment) had broken and emptied exposing both the mother & the infant to high risk of external infection exposure. Further to make matter worse the weight of the would-to-be-born baby was found to be four kg – which is above the normal weight usually found.

Now the question for Dr. Sujata Kumari was whether to go for normal or cesarian delivery. This required further medical assessment as the patient was on the verge of high pregnancy risk. Any clinical miscalculation would have endangered the life of both mother and the baby. The patient and her family were inclined towards a normal delivery mode, if possible. After thorough planning and clinical observations, Dr Sujata Kumari informed the patient that she will go for a normal mode of delivery and started the medication to prep the patient for normal delivery. Finally, the patient delivered a baby boy weighing 4.24 kg, through normal delivery, with the effort of Dr. Sujata and her team comprising the specialist trained nursing team. The mother & the baby both are doing fine and has been discharged.

According to the patient’s family, who were very pleased and full of tears opined” thanks to the sincere effort of JP Doctor, who put her heart & soul for us and giving us the most precious gift by handling such a high-risk pregnancy case. We will remain indebted to JP Hospital forever”.

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