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Global Hand Washing Day Celebrated At JP Hospital

Global Hand Washing Day was celebrated on Oct 15 at JP Hospital Rourkela by the Department of Infection Control & Nursing. Oct 15 is a day dedicated to making handwashing a habit. It is an initiative to unite universal hand hygiene and has further acquired more importance after the onslaught of the covid pandemic, where hand-washing is regarded as an important step to safeguard against covid.

JP Hospital is also celebrating International Infection Prevention Week from Oct 16 – Oct 22 with various programs like poster presentations on hand washing, hand washing theme-based rangoli etc.

The event was marked by a skit presented by the JP infection control team demonstrating the ill effects of not washing hands and the benefits of handwashing.JP medical and clinical staff also presented a dance performance demonstrating how to wash your hands using 6 steps of handwashing.

This program was attended among others by Dr.Prabir Roy (HOD Critical Care Dept), Dr. Suchitra Mishra (Department of Microbiology & Infection Control), Dr.Indu Biswal (Senior Consultant Microbiology) and Ms.Swapnarani Jena (Nursing Superintendent). They all put forth their view highlighting the importance of hand washing in day-to-day life and making it a habit for healthier living.

JP Hospital has a dedicated Infection Control Team to look after and address factors related to the spread of infections among patients, among staff, and between patients and staff. This includes preventive measures such as hand washing, cleaning, disinfecting, sterilizing, and vaccinating. JP Hospital is regarded as the safest, infection free & cleanest hospital in the region with a commitment to avoiding nosocomial infection at all costs.

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