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Critical Road Accident Victim Given A New Life At JP Hospital

JP Hospitals has been handling many life-saving cases since its existence and has all the required facilities & availability of specialist doctors to undertake any treatable medical cases successfully. This also ensures that now the patient need not travel outside Rourkela for treatment. To ease the financial burden of patients, JP Hospitals has tie-up with various govt schemes & health-related programs like BSKY, Matrujyoti, FTTF, ESI, etc along with all major health insurance/TPA service providers for providing cashless treatment to the patients.

Recently a young patient from the Birmitrapur area studying mechanical engineering had met with a very serious road accident where the patient felt that his right hand exists no more. The impact was so severe the patient was brought to JP Hospital by his family & friends. After initial assessment & clinical investigations, it was found that the arteries were totally damaged and this left only two choices for the patient – either to go for immediate surgery to fix the damaged arteries or to ampute the right hand. There were financial issues also as it is not possible to arrange funds at such short notice for surgery. But fortunately, since JP Hospital is providing treatment under the FTTF scheme of the Odisha Govt, this news came as a big relief for the patient. This meant that within 48 hrs any surgery cost, bed charges, food, medicines, etc would be free for this patient.

Under FTTF, JP Hospitals is the only empanelled hospital in Western Odisha, with Odisha Govt. as a Trauma Care Centre for providing free treatment,  to any Road Traffic Accident(RTA) patients for the first 48 hours, from Free Treatment For Trauma Fund(FTTF), irrespective of their economic status and not having any govt sponsored card.

Finally, the patient went for surgery under a team of specialists comprising of Plastic Surgeon, and Orthopedic Surgeons – headed by Dr. S K Mahapatra. The patient was under observation for close to seven days. Gradually the patient started moving his fingers and hand and is now discharged and doing well. The patient & his family profusely thanked the govt & JP Hospital for saving his career as without his right hand his dream of becoming a mechanical engineer would have been shattered. Under the FTTF provision, the patient suffering from Trauma due to RTA shall be taken to empanelled Trauma Care Centre like JP Hospitals, Rourkela. This Trauma Care Centre will start immediate & appropriate treatment and intimate the nodal body of this program of such arrival for necessary consent & paperwork as deemed necessary. This JP Trauma Care Centre is a big step for the benefit of the people of this region as now people have a financial cushion during the most critical golden period for the RTA patients. This will surely save many lives from RTA.

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