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As per the govt. notification Road Accident Cases are to be brought directly to JP

In a very welcome move & in the public interest a notification has been issued by the Office of the Chief District Medical & Public Health Officer Sundergarh, that the road accident case is to be shifted directly, without any need for a referral, to the FTTF Centre ( Jaiprakash Hospital & Research Centre Pvt, Ltd, Rourkela), for faster treatment of accident victims, by 108 Ambulance & CAMP, Sundergarh.

This notification had been issued in the public interest as some ambulance ( 108 & CAMP) has been denying to shift RTA ( Road Traffic Accident) Cases to the FTTF centre ( JP Hospital, Rourkela) and taking only after referral of nearby government facility which destroys the golden hours within first 48 hours. Under FTTF any RTA victims are provided free treatment for up to 48 hours in FTTF empanelled centre ( JP Hospital).

It is to be noted that JP Hospital is the only FTTF empanelled hospital in Western Odisha and has been saving many critical lives of road accident victims due to its better medical facilities & availability of round-the-clock specialist doctors.If a road accident patient reaches the FTTF centre as early as possible, the chances of survival increase, as doctors can take advantage of the golden hours available to them.

As such the office of 108 Ambulance & CAMP had been advised on priority to shift the critical accident cases directly to the FTTF centre at JP Hospital whenever referred from any facility ( govt or private) or from the roadside if called by a good samaritan.

This will further save many road accident victims, who otherwise are forced to spend their critical & life-saving period in the unnecessary movement to different health facilities not equipped to handle critical cases and finally when the patient’s condition deteriorates, they are shifted to FTTF centre with less chance of surviving as golden hours is destroyed.

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