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A Critically Enlarged Heart Condition in a Teen Treated Successfully

  • 19 years old patient from Rengali, Sundergarh was suffering from chest pain, breathing difficulty, and sleeping disorders for the last 3 years.
  • During the last 6 months, this young patient was unable to walk or take food properly.
  • JP Cardiologist says anyone can have heart problems irrespective of age. Everyone must be aware of the symptoms and should consult doctors.

It was not long before the people of Sundergarh District had to travel to bigger cities for any major treatment, especially for cardiac patients. However, since the start of multi-speciality JP Hospital, Rourkela, the scenario has totally changed. JP Hospital now has the best Cardiac Treatment Care Team, in this region, with the most advanced equipment and facilities to deal with any cardiac emergencies, successfully.

Recently a 19-year-old came to JP Hospital with a very serious heart condition. Before coming to JP Hospital, the patient went to a Burla hospital, where after a checkup the doctors found problems in the heart and advised him for an operation. However, because of better facilities at JP Hospital and upon his aunt’s suggestion the patient’s family decided to come to JP Hospital and met JP Interventional Cardiologist Dr.Trilochan Agarwala. The doctor immediately advised for ECHO test(An echocardiogram test looks for irregularities in the heart’s structure using an ultrasound). This test revealed that his heart was bigger than normal for which it was difficult for the heart to compress and pump blood, resulting in palpitation, chest pain & severe breathing difficulties. These heart symptoms of heart defect required urgent surgery and were referred to JP CTVS Surgeon Dr.Javid V Sadique,   who advised dual valve replacement(DVR)  surgery.

The patient’s family imposed faith on JP doctors and immediately admitted the patient under Dr.Javid V Sadique for undergoing dual valve replacement(DVR) surgery. The surgery was successfully performed by Senior CTVS Surgeon Dr. Javid V Sadique, assisted by Dr.Sathish Kumar, JP Consultant CTVS Surgeon. The double valve replacement, which lasted for almost four and a half hours, is a replacement of both the mitral and the aortic valve, or the entire left side of the heart. This type of surgery is not as common as the other surgeries. Now, this young boy is recovering well and has been discharged. It is to be noted that JP Cardiac Science Department has been performing many life-saving cardiac surgeries like open-heart surgery; bypass surgery; valve-replacement surgery, angioplasty, etc. Any type of cardiac patient can get treatment here.

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