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A 16 years girl, hit by a biker while having gupchup, given new life at JP Hospital

  • This Bisra girl was eating gupchup , after returning from her examination centre.
  • A biker hit her from the back injuring her gravely.
  • Provided free treatment under BSKY

The empanelment of Jaiprakash Hospitals & Research Centre Pvt. Ltd., Rourkela by Odissa Government for various health programs like BSKY, Trauma Centre –  for providing up to 48 hrs of free treatment to Road Traffic Accident  RTA victims, under FTTF, etc. is already proving its worth. This is helping many people, not only in saving their lives but also their careers, by fast &  timely treatment being provided at JP Hospital.

Very recently a 16 years old girl from Bisra was admitted to JP Hospital as an accident case.

She was hit from the back while she was having gupchup near her house, after returning from her examination centre. Initially, she was taken to RGH where she was referred to a better equipped JP Hospital for treatment. After initial assessment it was found that she was badly hit by a biker resulting in multiple fractures in her left hand; right collar bone  & multiple injuries resulting in heavy blood loss and badly damaged jaws. Her condition was very critical. She was immediately admitted under Dr. S K Mahapatra Sr Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon & for her damaged jaws she was treated by Dr.Subhasish Panigrahi Maxillofacial Surgeon. Blood was also arranged from JP Blood Centre, which has now emerged as a lifeline for many patients in need of blood for people of Western Odisha

The patient was first operated for her broken left elbow. After two days, she was again operated for her clavicle- the clavicle is a long thin bone located between your ribcage and the shoulder blade. Then humerus fracture surgery was performed. All these surgeries were performed by Dr. S K Mahapatra, in phases. Finally mandible surgery was done to fix her broken jaws by Dr. Subhasish  Panigrahi.

Now the patient is in recuperating stage & will be discharged soon. The above case again reinforces the value of a well-equipped multi-specialty hospital like JP Hospital, with the availability of Specialist Consultants to treat many critical & life-saving cases

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