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JP Hospital extends its Emergency Department to accommodate more patients

JP Hospital Rourkela, due to the unprecedented flow of serious patients has increased the number of beds in its Emergency dept. to 18 which includes 8 beds of emergency and 10 beds of Transit ICU (TICU).

New extended JP EMR glimpse

The opening ceremony of the newly designed set-up was held on 2 October 2023. The ribbon-cutting ceremony was done by a patient named Kari Induar. The department’s HOD Dr. Shashank Sinha says “The new set-up of emergency service is fully equipped with ventilator support and minor OT, it will be able to handle any kind of trauma casualty 24/7 over 365 days. Furthermore, the HOD added, “In regards to the admission and treatment of any patient in future, we’re planning to begin the treatment procedure here at the TICU unit first and then transfer the patient to the desired needful unit.”

Ribbon-cutting ceremony

Dr Sinha also informs, “We have an additional advantage of CT MRI facilities available here besides the newly started DNB Emergency Medicine residents’ availability at the hospital 24/7 which is an extra feather in the cap. In the near future, the flow of patients is going to increase tremendously and with the existence of high-end medical equipment along with the presence of a highly knowledgeable team of doctors our Emergency Team is ready to take up more emergency patients”.

JP EMR & Critical Care Team with the JP Management Team

The event was marked by the presence of JP Hospitals’ prominent members including Mr. Sanjay Bansal (Chairman), Dr. Chandan Bansal (Managing Director), Dr. D.K. Mishra (CEO), Dr. Debasish Patanaik (MS), Dr. S. K. Mahapatra (DMS), Dr. Biswajit Mohapatra (Dean Academics). Dr. P.K. Roy, Dr. Debasish Panda and Dr. Sipun Dash (CCU), Dr. Piyush Bansal, Dr. Nishu Bansal. The medical officer’s team consisted of Dr Lambodar Patel, Dr Himanshu Sharma, Dr Thirumoorthy, Dr Ajay Baral, Dr. Mohit and Dr Anand Maurya. The DNB resident team of doctors were Dr Himanshu Gupta, Dr. Vinita Sahu, Dr Shyamli Priya Jha, Dr Vaibhav and Dr Srinath.

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