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The emergency department of JP Hospital, Rourkela has been playing a very pivotal role in saving the lives of many serious patients, who are being refused admission or treatment at other hospitals in the region.JP Emergency Dept. headed by Dr. Shashank Sinha, is the most well-equipped emergency unit of the region with 24X7 availability of trained staffs & specialist doctors. JP Hospital is the only hospital where any life-saving surgeries including for heart patients & serious road traffic accident victims under FTTF or for any obstetrics & gynaecology-related cases, are handled on a clock basis as in-house specialist doctors are always available at JP Hospital.

Recently in one of such cases, a 37 years old patient from the Panposh area, met with an accident and severely damaged his belly with multiple cuts resulting in bleeding. Initially, his family members took him to a government hospital but seeing the severity of the wound they referred this patient to a nearby private hospital, which unfortunately had no doctors available to treat this patient at night around 1.00 AM. Finally, they reached JP Hospital’s Emergency around 3.00 AM. The JP Emergency & Critical Care team available on a 24X7 basis immediately attended to this critical patient who had lost substantial blood and started treatment. Under the watchful eyes of Dr. Shashank Sinha, the patient was first stabilized and was admitted to veteran Surgeon Dr. Debasish Patnaik, who immediately decided to go for surgical intervention to operate on the belly cuts & wounds.

Post-surgery, the patient was kept under strict observation by Dr. Debasish Patnaik and gradually started recuperating and showing signs of remarkable improvement. Finally, on the fifth day, the patient was discharged, extending his heart full thanks to the JP medical team for saving his life, when no other hospitals in Rourkela were able to provide treatment to him.

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